On May 5th, 2010 our life was redefined when we discovered that I have a tumor
growing in the spinal cord of my neck.

The purpose of this blog to keep an updated record of our "Life Redefined" and give you the details you might be wondering about (surgery, recovery and other random daily stuff, etc...)

For our friends and our family members who want to be kept updated this is the easiest way for us to do it. It's also good therapy for me to write it down!

We still want you to call or visit if you feel like it - we find so much strength from you. All of your words and encouraging thoughts and prayers are a great blessing for us!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Addendum - A few random pictures of things I want to remember!...

There were still several pictures on my cell phone that I wanted to remember on the blog...so here they are!

Coping & Smiling for Andrew (the photographer) in the days before surgery!
My sweet sleepy baby!
The hour long WHOLE FAMILY reunion before splitting up to head our separate ways before surgery!  1 van to Boise with kids and 2 vehiciles to Salt Lake for surgery!
My Pre-Surgery Tattoo!  So glad I did that!
1st time sitting up  in a chair post surgery!
A note to my friends Saturday after surgery!
1st time outside!
Granny Hoops!
A visit from my girls!  Chelsea & Lindsey!
Recumbent Bike Ride!
Pictures sent to me from Boise!  They lifted my spirits every time!

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birdeeb said...

Do you guys live in Boise? I live in Caldwell!