On May 5th, 2010 our life was redefined when we discovered that I have a tumor
growing in the spinal cord of my neck.

The purpose of this blog to keep an updated record of our "Life Redefined" and give you the details you might be wondering about (surgery, recovery and other random daily stuff, etc...)

For our friends and our family members who want to be kept updated this is the easiest way for us to do it. It's also good therapy for me to write it down!

We still want you to call or visit if you feel like it - we find so much strength from you. All of your words and encouraging thoughts and prayers are a great blessing for us!

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Tumor Before and After and my neck Hardware!

MRI from May 6, 2010
Tumor and Cyst
(side view of neck)

You can see how the spinal cord slowly starts to narrow at the bottom...it is supposed to appear skinny like that through the entire spine.  Notice how much pressure was on mine. A miracle I hadn't any more symptoms.  You cannot see the full size of the tumor and cyst in this picture but it give you a pretty good idea.

MRI from May 26, 2010
Day After Surgery

Black hole indicates where the tumor was.  Doctor Dailey, based on this MRI, is confident they got it all.  They also received Pathology reports back.  It was an Ependymoma, a NON-CANCEROUS tumor.  Blessings.  He was, however, surprised to see something he had never seen before in this kind of tumor.  He said that once they got in there they saw that my tumor had not only grown inside my spinal cord but had begun to grow out of my cord...bulging out, a little bit more cutting and manipulating my cord to get it out than if it had not.  Another miracle that I wasn't having more symptoms.

X-RAY of Neck Hardware
May 26, 2010

This is the best picture we have of what the "plates" look like on the back of my neck where they removed and replaced my bone.


Debby said...

It's amazing what they can do medically for us today!!! I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who knows us individually and is there for us during our trials and our accomplishments. Your are such a wonderful example to everyone and have so many people who look up to you!!! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling and working hard with the therapy!!!!! We love you, Jim & Debby

Alveybunch said...


I am so glad to see that the tumor is gone. You seem to be recovering really well. Our prayers are with you!
Thanks for keeping everyone updated while you go through this ordeal. Love you! Keep up all the hard work!


Larsen said...

Those are some fascinating photos/MRI Scans whatever. That is incredible to have the technology to see something like that.

Glad that they were able to remove it all, esp. with it's extra growth!

Suzanne said...

WOW! This IS a miracle. I am so glad that this tumor was not allowed to grow any more! You can visually see that your spinal cord has so much more room now and is not bulging any more. Amazing. You are one tough cookie! I love you so much and pray for you many times through out my day and night. Chase is so concerned about you and is also praying for you-so cute! Is there any thing that you need? Do you have time to read or listen to cds? I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

mmorgan said...

Hey Kara!! You look great in your pictures!! What a rollercoaster you are on! You are such an amazing woman!! So glad that your upper body is doing so well and we hope and pray the other half with follow!! Thanks for your awesome example...Love you tons!!

Red Head Family said...

Wow amazing _ I like these kind of pictures_ I know I'm weird!! Heard you get another week there-please let me know however we can help while you are gone as well as when you get back. Be patient (my worst fault by far I know)!! Love ya!

M and N Tenny said...

I think of you often! So glad they got all of the tumor. Love you darling!

Shari said...

Kara dear, you look great! It's so good to see you up. The hat looks super cute!
The MRI's...WoW! What a difference before and after.
Lots of love and prayers still coming your way. Thanks for the updates. Miss you!
Love ya, Shari